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Welcome to the Inspire Interior online fabric shopping experience!


It all started when I was searching for where to buy fabrics online. I needed a suitable fabric for our curtains at home and it needed to be just right. After shopping around all over the internet for cheap and designer fabrics, trying to find fabrics that matched my vision, it was difficult to actually buy the right colour fabrics online because, after buying numerous swatches, I realised that only few of the fabrics that I saw online actually matched the swatches I received.
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So I decided to source the materials from reliable suppliers who will deliver on time every time, have a great reputation with high quality products, always printed in the UK, and provide realistic pictures true to life, so you can buy your beautiful value fabrics online knowing that what you receive will match what you saw on the screen! This was the start of Inspire Interior.

We now have a collection to choose from, with everything you need from interior design hobbies or upholstery fabrics for a very specific project. I know quality fabrics and designer fabrics are in high demand right now with the nation focusing on their home and crafts, so we hope you can see Inspire Interior as your ultimate online shop for all varieties of fabrics and for all kinds of home projects.


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You may have been shopping for fabrics online for hours and stumbled upon our online fabric shop. Browse through our high-quality fabric collection, ideal for curtains, upholstering of all kinds, matching furniture items, and hobbies. We aim to provide quality fabrics and quality service to each and every customer, and love to hear about your different interior design inspirations and projects. Feel free to email us your ideas and we will share them in our blog for online community. I hope you find the perfect fabric to suit your needs at Inspire Interior.

If you are looking for unique fabrics located and printed in the UK, custom-made curtains or matching interior items visit for a variety of goods, quality fabrics and curtains available for online purchase, and much more! If you’ve been frustrated by mismatched swatches that aren’t true to the final product or the fabric colours you saw online, browse our collection of upholstery and fabric options. We use reliable, UK-based suppliers that deliver on time and our dedicated customer service line is here to assist you with your choice. Get the fabrics you dream of at Inspire Interior.