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Luxurious Throws are integral to Johnstons of Elgin’s Home Interiors collections and are made in Scotland from the highest quality natural, renewable fibres. The finest fibres, including Cashmere, Merino Wool and Lambswool, are carefully selected for their next-to-skin softness and durability.

Their Plain, Herringbone and Paisley Throws add colour and texture to any living space while our heritage-inspired designs give a nod to their proud Scottish history.

13 products found in Johnstons Of Elgin Throws

Scottish Heritage Double Face Throw
  • $313.80
Double Face Check Throw
  • $313.80
Herringbone Throw
  • $249.76
Geometric Throw
  • $352.22
Reversible Blanket Stitched Throw
  • $557.15
Plain Gauzy Throw
  • $441.88
Plain Reversible Throw
  • $979.82
Plain Throw
  • $762.08
Herringbone Bed Throw
  • $339.41
Gossamer Bed Throw
  • $377.84
Reversible Blanket Stitched Bed Throw
  • $762.08
Plain Bed Throw
  • $1,005.43
Plain Reversible Bed Throw
  • $1,248.79