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Fabrics, Curtains, Cushions and More... Welcome to the Inspire Interior shopping experience!

Inspire Interior…So, tell me, what is it all about?

"It all started when I was searching for where to buy fabrics online. I needed a suitable fabric for our curtains at home and it needed to be just right. After shopping around all over the internet for cheap and designer fabrics, trying to find fabrics that matched my vision, it was difficult to actually buy the right colour fabrics online because, after buying numerous swatches, I realised that only few of the fabrics that I saw online actually matched the swatches I received. This is what inspired me to create Inspire Interior."

- Inna Melnyk, founder at Inspire Interior.

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Inspire Interior was launched to provide customers with a one stop shop for purchasing all types of luxurious fabrics, custom-made eyelet curtains, blinds and matching interior products to bring that added touch to your home, making it feel lavish and welcoming. 

Our designer fabric collections are perfect for sewing enthusiasts embarking on exciting projects to spruce up their home interior, as well as those looking to purchase plush eyelet curtains, blinds, and more. We cater for all tastes and decors, reinvigorating that feeling of uniqueness back into your home.

At Inspire Interior we pride ourselves on offering high quality, premium fabrics sourced from reliable suppliers within the UK and internationally, who will deliver on time, every time. This along with a great reputation and true to life imagery on-screen gives you peace of mind that whatever designer fabrics you purchase from us will look exactly the same when they are delivered to you!

Our collections are bursting at the seams with the high quality, colourful fabrics and accessories of your dreams! So, if you’re looking for curtain poles, pelmets, upholstery, or curtain accessories, we’re bound to have a product in stock that meets your expectations. Check out our shop today, or get in touch with us for more information, and feel inspired with Inspire Interior.

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